“Happy Together” installation for 2020 Shanghai Design Festival in Xintiandi

”Happy Together” installation for 2020 Shanghai Design Festival in Xintiandi


For 2020 Xintiandi Design Festival, MDO conceived an interactive installation named “Happy together” that aims at fostering exchange between the people, through cooperation and fun.

Through the simple use of swings hanged on a structure, the passengers, of any age or genre, can trigger musical instruments. The interaction between the users happens in the attempt of making music together; each person will be activating an instrument and feeling like being part of a real orchestra! The more the people playing on the swings, the more the music, the more the fun!

The swings are arranged in such a way that they will increase interaction between the individuals and the surrounding passengers. The installation is totally open towards the public space to engage everyone passing by, attracted by the music and the playful vibe that the installation can generate among the users. The structure has been designed with a hexagonal base, in order to allow it to flow organically in the space, following the existing curves and hence merging into the forms of the public space in a harmonic ensemble.

Area:  40 sqm
Status: completed
Collaborators: Digital installation by Wonderlabs, Structural Engineering by bespoke. Structure manufacture and site construction by Macjoy.