Sky-City Experience Centre

Sky-City Experience Centre


With this project, we want to establish the sales center of the future. It is conceived as a new heart of the community which will be used by all residents of all ages at any time. A place where community can come together and discuss the future. The overall concept is the floating city. We imagine the architecture to be the city boundaries. Inside this large volume we place a series of different volumes (city buildings) connected by internal streets and squares.
We regard it as the epitome of life in this community where people can imagine and experience their future life. The entire project integrates retail, book bar, co-working, TED talk, public exhibition, offline events and government meetings.

The Sky City can be imagined as a floating box with different functions integrated into this box to make it as a complete community.

The whole space takes the future as the design theme, by using rich materials with light and shadow to reflect the space’s dynamics and layers. We give different definitions with different materials for each box in this space.

Photography by 朱海

Area:  1700 sqm
Status: Completed 2019