Vanke Tianma Show Suite

Vanke Tianma Show Suite

Shixiang road no 208, Gongshu District, Hangzhou

MDO seized the opportunity to turn Vanke Tian Ma Sales office into a unique retail experience offering a multitude of activities housed within a flexible space.

Located in Gongshu district an up and coming residential and mixed use neighborhood in Hangzhou the practice sought for the interior to reflect the contemporary nature of the location and “individuality” of the clientele by utilizing a minimalist clean backdrop with a distinct colour palette which is both modern and playful.

Catering towards the new generation of first time buyers, small business owners and entrepreneurs the design seeks to capture a fast-paced, shifting lifestyle by offering multiple programmes to maximize the efficiency of space.

The opportunity to encapsulate the transient nature of the online retail experience with the more permanent purchase of a home became an interesting challenge, creating a connection between the two different modes of retail experience.

The sales office is split between two levels connected by a feature staircase. The upper level showcases the model of the new urban development in the centre with a bar and seating located at the far end.  Walls are clad in perforated and polished steel panels punctured with neon coloured perspex signage drawing visitors through the space. A light blue terrazzo floor offers a neutral backdrop to the furniture in a range of soft pastel hues. Bespoke furniture redefines flexibility by acting both functionally as a place for work and relaxation.

Stretch-screen fabric lighting allows for consistent illumination throughout the day and night when it turns into an exhibition and event space for the different brands housed within.

The staircase wrapped in metal extends out to provide stepped seating highlighted with red resin for customers to relax with an installation for Chinese music brand Netease Music allows people to physically engage with the online music store via headphones and projections.

Located on the lower level is a temporary Showroom for Netease Yan Xuan an online retail store focused on new living concepts and home ware brands. Products are displayed on a mirror finish S shaped table, creating a presentation platform that gently guides visitors around the exhibition before heading out into the public space.

Tian Ma Sales office is a holistic design capturing the essence of changeability by creating subtle relationships between the dense programmatic requirements. The contrasts displayed in the interior palette between hard and soft, light and dark, creates a strong identity that resonates with vankes bold vision for place making and urban development in China.

Photography by Seth Powers

Area:  600sqm
Status: Completed 2017